These page is reserved for items I want for my collection.  If you have any of these, or know who does, please let me know!!  Thanks!


Alabama Bottles

D. Palliser – Mobile, ALA (Mobile, ALA on one line)
Purity Springs Bottling Works – Spring Hill, AL (capacity embossed on heel)
Coca-Cola Bottling – Demopolis, AL
Ragland Bottling Works – Ragland, AL
Ragland Rye-Ola – Ragland, AL
Fosko – Barq’s Bottling Co. – Panama City, FL
Rock Spring Bottling Works – Rock Mills, All
Koca-Nola – Farmer’s Ice & Oil Company – Camden, AL
Cherokee Bottling * MFG Co. – Cedar Bluff, AL
Gay-Ola – Atmore Gay-Ola Bottling Works – Atmore, AL
Ashville Bottling Works – Ashville, AL
Horton Bottling Works – Chavies, AL
Crenshaw Bottling Works – Demopolis, AL
Youngblood – Troy Bottling Works – Troy, AL
Lockhart Bottling Works – Lockhart, AL
W.L. Gray Bottling Works – Sheffield, AL
Guntersville Bottling Co. – Guntersville, AL
Arab Bottling Works – Arab, AL
Gordon Bottling Works – Gordon, AL
Nova Kola – Stevenson, AL
Nickles – Talladega, AL
Orange Crush – Pine Hill, AL
Green Bors – Wedowee, AL
Heflin Bottling Wks – Heflin, AL
Nauvoo Bottling Works – Nauvoo, AL
J F McGowen ‘The Bottler’ Dixie, ALA
Dobbs & Herren – Tallassee, AL
Dobbs Talley & Co. – Tallassee, AL
R & R – Tallassee, AL
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. – Notasulga, AL
Eclectic Bottling Works – Eclectic, AL
Carrollton Bottling Works – Carrollton, AL
Marion Pharmacy Bot. Wks. – Marion, AL
Branchville Bottling Works – Branchville, AL [no picture]
J.S.J. Sanders – Victoria, Alabama [no picture]
Red Level, Alabama bottle  [no picture]

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nova  nickles  pinehill

54727824_1183802541786765_1792621003189256192_n  12548928_955998317816365_7107418983706649167_n  nav.png  20190403_181210_HDR

IMG_20140405_103132_722          mcd      ruffin

Fairhope Ice & Creamery Co. – McDonald’s Dairy – Ruffin Graham Dairy

brunsons  brow  60599589_10218829968324254_4927519079943634944_o

Brunson’s Dairy – Browder’s Dairy – Clyde Collins Jersey Queen, Grand Bay, AL


Georgiana, AL Bottles


First bottle is an ACL, “Fulford’s Beverages” from Georgiana, AL. Front and back shown.  This bottle had very weak paint, so all I have ever seen have nothing but ghosted labels.  Al Fulford owned the Dr. Pepper plant in Georgiana.  These sodas were his own flavored line of sodas.

Second bottle is Buffalo Rock.  I have an embossed one, but there may be a ACL.  The bottling company advertised being a bottler of Buffalo Rock in the 1940s and 1950s.

Third bottle is a 6 oz. Orange Crush from Georgiana.  Every single one that I’ve dug has been broken.  Looking for a whole one.

Last bottle is a shot in the dark.  In 1929, the Lime Cola bottling company of Georgiana, announced they were now carrying a new beverage – Pale Dry Ginger Ale.  I assume it was White Rock.  Never have seen one but there’s a possibility there is one from Georgiana.  Not sure if it was a paper label or embossed.

Lastly, the Dr. Pepper plant also bottled 7up.  A marked 7up from Georgiana has never been found, but there could be one.


Whistler, AL Bottles

Looking for a ‘Orso Dairy’ milk bottle from Whistler, AL.


Malbis, AL Milk Bottle


Malbis Dairy


Greenville, AL Jugs & Bottles

Looking for any of these jugs from Greenville, AL.  I also hear theres a 5 gallon jug.  Photos courtesy of Bill Garland.  Buy his book if you don’t have it!!


Luverne\Brantley, AL milk bottles 

brant.jpg  hogg

Super Dairies – Luverne – Brantley, AL
George H. Hogg – Jersey Milk – Luverne, AL


Jackson, AL bottle

Looking for this hutch from Jackson Bottling Works – Jackson, AL



Spring Hill, AL Milk Bottles 

Nicholas Dairy and Windy Hill Farm bottles!


Pensacola, FL bottles

IMG_1080 IMG_1084 IMG_1095  IMG_1101  img_3387

L-R – Jacob Lipps, Rauch & Pfeiffer, William Hudson Codd “Marble” bottle, Conrad Kupfrian, William Hudson lightning stopper, Chero twist


Misc. Bottles  

010 – 1990s – Yoo-Hoo Mix-ups; I have  a few of these but never did get the entire set!

DiamondCollectionPic2  – 26 oz diamond Coca-Cola throwaway

dp   Dr. Pepper transition bottles

Mississippi Bottles 


Grapico – McComb City, Mississippi


Pablo bottle – Biloxi, MS


Coca-Cola seltzer bottle – Gulfport, MS

10 thoughts on “WANTED!”

  1. David Holberg said:

    Jerry, love the site and especially the Holberg Jugs and bottles. Keep collecting. At least I know where all the Holberg items end up. Take care, David Holberg.

  2. Dale Perkins said:

    I found an RC bottle in my collection with embossing on the shoulder but it does not read “Royal Crown” It has a big “RC” and a Star embossed on the shoulder.
    I also have a D. Palliser gravitational stopper that measures exactly 7 inches.

  3. I have a Sylvester bellywasher that is not on your list.

  4. Jamey bullin said:

    I have multiple Dr pepper bottles 6 1/2 Oz’s glass bottles bottled in Mobile Al, Gulfport, Ms, and other places

  5. Eric Vaccarella said:

    Hello. I just discovered your site. Really interesting! Do you know anything about ACL soda bottles from West Blocton, Alabama? Do you know any brands that were bottled there? Anything you could provide would be of interest and appreciated. Best, Eric Vaccarella

  6. Hey, Jerry …just dug up a really old Coca Cola Bottle…my guess 1920 or older…looks just like Selma , Al bottle, next to the bellingrath…”Propert of Coca Cola Bottling Co Little Rock ARK.”…Value?…Interested?

  7. Leanne taylor said:

    I have the red malbis dairy bottle it does have crack. Let me know if interested text me I don’t do email a lot 2512097233

  8. Vincent A Mondano said:

    Hello! Thanks for the education on Yoo Hoos!! The only bottles I collect!!!

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