As with anything in life, it’s difficult to do anything alone.  Over the years, I’ve had numerous people help me and support me in preserving and maintaining this history.  I’d like to thank a few of them here.  Thanks to all of you for donating bottles, sharing information, giving me leads to chase, and always looking out for me.  My collection wouldn’t be what it is today without all of you.  Thanks!

Sandra Davis

Michael Burkett

Richard Kramerich

James Bradford

Jim Phillips

Victor Pavon Rico

Doug Pierce

Ronnie Jackson

Tom Lines

Luke Ward

Louis Owens

Jimmy Tomberlin

Jody Lee

James Gandy

Sean Christiansen

Al Gaston

Rick Messer

Bill Revere

Jim Eubanks

Devon Evers

Tim & Teresa Tolbert

Nancy Craddock

Bill Neeley

Blair Matthews

Jeff Thurmond

Scotty & Connie Plumb

Ian Vickery

Ron Styron

Gary Griffin

Richard Mix

John Johnston

Arthur Blum

Philip Pfeiffer

Dave Allen

Robert Sherrill

Howard Lofton

Barry Graham

Jerrod Mckeever

Ruben Negron

Sandra Kennedy

Cory Miller

Kenny Philpot

Teddy Andreadis

Kenneth Solomons

Eddie Nichols

2 thoughts on “Credit”

  1. Hi Jerry,

    I accidentally found your site (wow!) while searching for info on some artifacts from the old Coke plant in Talladega. Will send photos when I learn how to navigate your site. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Jody Lee, Sylacauga, Ala.

    • Hi Jody, nice to see you here! It’s been a while! Hope all has been well! I have been trying to track you down but seems all your numbers have changed. Give me a call sometime.

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