Little did I know when I picked up this first Scooby Bellywasher back in 2000, this was the debut drink of an unknown company and would soon explode into such a massive collectible.  Nor did I know that one purchase would soon have us on the hunt, chasing new bottles, resulting into such a massive collection over the next decade.  I purchased the first one, at a Target, for Blakleigh’s Christmas so I decided to get me one too.  Now I have Zoe and Fiona to help me build the collection.  I’m sure this is the most complete collection ever assembled. 

  • Scooby-Doo

IMG_8270 IMG_8281 IMG_8299 IMG_8293 IMG_8302 IMG_8381

  • Jurassic Park

IMG_8276 IMG_8274

  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

IMG_8393 IMG_8517

  • Dr. Seuss

IMG_8309 IMG_8447 IMG_8449

  • Cartoon Network

 IMG_8499 IMG_8502 IMG_8495 IMG_8498

  • Looney Tunes

IMG_8278 IMG_8292 IMG_8307 IMG_8311 IMG_8314 IMG_8358 IMG_8530 IMG_8544 IMG_8344 IMG_8346 IMG_8454 IMG_8547 IMG_8549 IMG_8551 IMG_8608 IMG_8611 IMG_8613 IMG_8614 IMG_8618

  • Marvel

IMG_8306 IMG_8557 IMG_8674 IMG_8678 IMG_8603

  • Spider Man

IMG_8445  IMG_8430 IMG_8564 IMG_8676

  • Batman

IMG_8424 IMG_8426 IMG_8668 IMG_8670 IMG_8672 IMG_8421

  • Superman

IMG_8427 IMG_8561 IMG_8596

  • Wonder Woman

IMG_8532 IMG_8599

  • Mucha Lucha

IMG_8526 IMG_8527 IMG_8480

  • Sip n’ Squirter

IMG_8489 IMG_8492 IMG_8493

  • Kong


  • Power Rangers

IMG_8284  IMG_8289 IMG_8286 IMG_8482 IMG_8485 IMG_8487

  • G.I. Joe

IMG_8341 IMG_8343 IMG_8520

  • Easter

IMG_8326 IMG_8327 IMG_8330 IMG_8332 IMG_8334 IMG_8335

  • Halloween

IMG_8316 IMG_8317 IMG_8320 IMG_8402 IMG_8404 IMG_8406 IMG_8408 IMG_8409 IMG_8413 IMG_8416 IMG_8417 IMG_8419

  • Christmas

IMG_8383 IMG_8391 IMG_8395 IMG_8534 IMG_8537 IMG_8538

  • Hello Kitty

 IMG_8477 IMG_8360 IMG_8367 IMG_8370 IMG_8362 IMG_8368IMG_8372 IMG_8376 IMG_8377 IMG_8574 IMG_8575 IMG_8579 IMG_8581 IMG_8577 IMG_8583

  • Butt-Ugly Martians

IMG_8339 IMG_8322 IMG_8513

  • Powerpuff Girls

 IMG_8523 IMG_8454 IMG_8455 IMG_8456 IMG_8350 IMG_8357 IMG_8354 IMG_8457 IMG_8458 IMG_8476 IMG_8460 IMG_8353 IMG_8351 IMG_8466 IMG_8469 IMG_8470 IMG_8471

  • The Simpsons

 IMG_8510 IMG_8508 IMG_8511

  • Gross Out

IMG_8540 IMG_8543

  • Cars

IMG_8628 IMG_8630 IMG_8632 IMG_8634 IMG_8635 IMG_8638 IMG_8641

  • SpongeBob

IMG_8659 IMG_8661

  • Strawberry Shortcake

IMG_8601 IMG_8663

  • Peanuts

IMG_8399 IMG_8397

  • Game On

IMG_8436 IMG_8439 IMG_8442

  • Phineas & Ferb

IMG_8589 IMG_8592 IMG_8594

  • Shrek

 IMG_8434 IMG_8432

  • Hannah Montana


  • Pirates of the Caribbean

IMG_8565 IMG_8567 IMG_8571

  • Wall-E

IMG_8559 IMG_8553

  • Sports

IMG_8681 IMG_8682 IMG_8587 IMG_8585

1 thought on “BellyWashers”

  1. gary sturheon said:

    Hi Love your Belly washer collection, I have a collection of them as well, approx. 150 of them. If you are looking for more or duplicates, I am willing to sell. thanks Gary

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