Here’s some of Alabama’s most elusive bottles.  Jones Mill, Alabama?

Current day Frisco City was was initially called Jones Mill (incorporated in 1909), which itself was made up of the merger of two 1850s-era communities, Lufkin and Snider. The town was renamed Roy on November 4, 1913, after Roy Megargel, the owner of the Gulf, Florida, and Alabama Railroad, after he promised to construct a rail line to the town.

Megargel did not make good on his promise, and in 1919 the town was renamed Jones Mills, a plural version of its original name. In 1925, the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad bought GFA and brought a rail line through the town in 1928, and the town became known as Frisco City.

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There is a 1923 patented bottle and a 1926 patented bottle from Jones Mill.  Here’s some pictures of each:

IMG_2163 IMG_2167 IMG_2165 IMG_2169