This is my soda empire….I have been collecting bottles and advertising since I was 12 yrs old.  Today, as a historian, preservationist, and collector, over the past 35 years, I have amassed a collection of over 20,000 bottles, thousands of cans, dozens of clocks, signs and over 100 vending machines.  This pursuit has allowed me to meet some of Alabama’s most well known historians and preservationists, often collaborating with them on projects and lectures.  This website’s initial purpose was to showcase bottles from Alabama and neighboring states but as a historian and  preservationist of local history, I am finally expanding and showcasing some of my other local collections within the categories along the top of the page.

I occasionally rent out soda props to movie and commercial productions.  Look under my ‘my soda collection’ tab for an idea on what items exists in my soft drink collection.  For members of media, if you need a piece or picture for an article you are writing, do not hesitate to contact me.  I will gladly collaborate or assist with pictures as needed.  Please do not steal my images without permission.  This is copyrighted material.  Just ask.

I am currently President of the Mobile Gulf Coast Coca-Cola Collector’s Club, having served various positions on the Board of Directors for the past 25 yrs.  The club is based in Mobile and serves the entire Southern U.S. for persons and families that collect Coca-Cola memorabilia.   I also currently serve as the ‘Coca-Cola Can Expert’ on the expert panel for the National Coca-Cola Collector’s Club in Atlanta, GA, answering questions from around the world regarding Coca-Cola prototype and test market cans.

I have been a freelance writer for a variety of soft drink publications for over 15 yrs, been published in several newspapers and historical society publications, appeared on television several times – even appeared in the intro film at the World of Coke, and  currently writing a book on the past bottling companies of Mobile County.  Stay tuned!!  Should be published next year!!  See some of my articles under the ‘My Soda Articles’ tab at the top of this page.

As far as expanding my collection, I’m always looking for Alabama bottles and jugs.  The smaller the town, the better.  The site is constantly updated as I have thousands of bottles and artifacts to go through and photograph, so please check back often.  This effort will take several years to complete.  If you have anything you think I may be interested in, let me know.  I buy any size collections in all price ranges.   Enjoy!

Jerry L. Reeves
Mobile, AL


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Alabama Blob\Hutch Bottles

Alabama Whiskey Jugs

Alabama Whiskey Mini Jugs

Alabama Beer Bottles


21 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Philip Pfeiffer said:


    You have done a wonderful job and what a great collection! Keep up the good work.

    Philip Pfeiffer

  2. Barry Graham said:

    Hey Jerry
    Super job! I know that it has been a lot of work, but it is wonderful for the hobby, and I appreciate it. Best Regards and thanks for keeping History Alive! Barry Graham

  3. Jerry,

    Three cheers for a super clean user friendly website for tri-state bottles! Great pictures and some rare gems! Much needed and much appreciated from the bottle collecting community… It’s one of my favorites!

    Ruben Negron — excellentstuff-auctions

  4. Gary Griffin said:


    This is an outstanding site. Great job! Maybe later you can add some photos and history of those bottling works from which these bottles came from. Regards, Gary

  5. Johnny Duke said:

    Wow, I Never Seen So Many Bottles, I Thought I Had
    Some Bottles

  6. Sherry Helms Hunt said:

    Hey Jerry, I have a bottle I don’t see on your site and would like to see what you think of it. It is a Lime Cola Bottle?

  7. Collin Maley said:

    Nice work Jerry. I am an avid MS jug and saloon bottle collector. Do you have any of the same?

  8. Shelly Hathcock said:

    Hi Jerry. Wow! That’s an awesome collection you have there. I live in Blount County Al, about 30miles north of Birmingham. And recently came across a HUGE pile of all different types of glass. I would like to say it was a dump site because of the unusual amount of bottles and jars and also because there are several different piles but I really dont know. There’s thousands of them and so far havent had to dig for any! I’ve dated alot of them. For instance I found several Coca Cola bottles with the Diamond embossing that dates in the 60’s. Amber colored Clorox from the 50’s. Cobalt and green glass. And they range from medicine bottles, Old spice, whiskey to old perfume bottles. Im not a collector but this has gained my interest for sure. My question to you is…should I just sell them to collectors and if so, how do I start that process or try taking on this hobby at 40yrs old? I also dont have room to store them. ice, whiskey

    • Good to hear from you! Sounds like a good spot. Unfortunately, just because it’s old and glass, doesn’t necessarily mean it has value. The Diamond Cokes usually bring a couple dollars. Keep digging. You never know what might turn up. Start by offering them on Craigslist.

      • thanks so much! I will try that for sure. I recently found some old Dr. Pepper bottles that has picture of a hillbilly on the side and also Pepsi bottle made of thick glass with [Duraglass] on the bottom. You were right on the advice to keep digging because I think these have some value, however I have really enjoyed this and like to call it my new hobby. 😉 Thanks again

      • Johnny Duke said:

        I Would Like To See The Dr Pepper Bottle With
        The Hillbilly On The Side, Please Send Me A
        Picture Of Them.
        Thank You

  9. Wendy Cohen said:


  10. Ashley Moore said:

    Wow! Absolutely the most clean, hassle-free & user friendly site I’ve come across with a fresh, crisp look of being the best of the best! Thank you for your over the top hard work & commitment in providing such an exquisite site for all to enjoy! Much appreciation! Ashley

  11. i found a lime cola bottle today from Dothan. is it worth anything ?

  12. Contessa Meacham said:

    I have a near perfect Pop Kola bottle from Lafayette, Al. I have pictures if you’re interested.

  13. Tom Lines said:

    My first visit to your website left me with a one word description…WOW!!!

  14. Keep Up Good Work!!! Later, JCM

  15. helen britnell said:

    Wow!! I am amazed at your collection of Graf’s dairy bottles!! They were my grandparents and I have never seen half of these before. I only inherited one when my grandmother passed and I know my cousins all have one or two. Do you exhibit them? I would love to see them if you do.

  16. HI Jerry, Just Found A POP KOLA Bottle From Chipley, Fl., From The Chipley Bottling Company. Is It Worth Anything?

  17. Tiffany Garling said:

    Hi – I sent an email last week about the Wilson’s Dairy from Marianna, FL. Can you please contact me at your earliest convenience? Thanks, Tiffany Garling garling06@gmail.com or 8505593451

  18. Johnny Duke said:

    I have 200 ACL Soda Bottles for sale

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